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Minnesota Protective Orders

Code Section

Activity Addressed by Order
Enjoin contact; exclude from dwelling, work; regarding minors: temporary custody, visitation, support; counseling; restitution; continue payment of joint insurance coverage; issue property limitations.

General: maximum 1 year, may be extended. Ex parte order: maximum 1 year

Penalty for a Violation of Order
Misdemeanor: minimum 3 days jail and counseling. Gross misdemeanor if convicted under certain laws, within 5 years: minimum 10 days and counseling; court may order $10,000 bond or 5 yrs. imprisonment, or both if repeat violation likely or if possessing a dangerous weapon

Who May Apply for Order
Any family or household member, a guardian, or regarding minors: a reputable adult age 25 or older as determined by the court, or minor on minor’s own behalf if court determines minor has sufficient maturity

Fees Waived
Yes; respondent may be directed to pay them

Transmission to Law Enforcement
Copy within 24 hours to local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the residence of the applicant

Civil Liability
Yes, contempt of court

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