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Maryland Protective Orders

Code Section
Family Law §4-501, et seq.

Activity Addressed by Order
Enjoin contact; exclude from dwelling, work, or school; regarding minors: temporary custody, counseling, visitations, maintenance

Temporary: 7 days, may be extended, maximum 30 days. General: maximum 12 mos.

Penalty for a Violation of Order
Contempt, criminal prosecution, imprisonment, or fine. If violate certain clauses: misdemeanor; first offense: up to $1,000 fine or 90 days jail or both; 2nd or subsequent: up to $2,500 fine or 1 yr. in prison or both

Who May Apply for Order
A household member or minor or vulnerable adult; state’s attorney, department of social services, law enforcement officer, blood, marriage or adoptive relative, or adult household member

Fees Waived
May be waived

Transmission to Law Enforcement
Copy to appropriate law enforcement agency

Civil Liability

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