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Maine Protective Orders

Code Section
15 §321, 19A§4001 et seq.

Activity Addressed by Order
Enjoin contact; exclude from dwelling, school, or work; support regarding minors: temporary custody, visitations; counseling, court costs and attorney’s fee; prohibition from possession of a firearm; order termination of a life insurance policy

Temporary: remains in effect pending service of final order. General: maximum 2 years, may be extended

Penalty for a Violation of Order
Class D crime; if violation of order of support: contempt

Who May Apply for Order
Any abused family or household member; if minor, person responsible for the child or representative of Department of Human Services

Fees Waived
Yes, may be waived

Transmission to Law Enforcement
For temporary emergency or interim relief; copy to law enforcement agency as soon as possible. General: copy to law enforcement agency most likely to enforce order

Civil Liability

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