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Kansas Protective Orders

Code Section
60-3101, et seq.

Activity Addressed by Order
Enjoin contact; exclude from dwelling; regarding minors: temporary custody, visitations, support, counseling; provide suitable alternate housing; attorney fees

Emergency: until 5PM on first day that court resumes business. Support order: maximum 1 year, may be extended for 1 year maximum. General: maximum 1 year, may be extended for 1 year maximum

Penalty for a Violation of Order
Violation of enjoining contact: assault or battery; violation of exclusion from dwelling: criminal trespass

Who May Apply for Order
A person or minor child through a parent or adult residing with the child; cannot apply more than twice a year except in the case of abuse of a minor.

Fees Waived

Transmission to Law Enforcement
Copy to police department of petitioner’s residential city or to sheriff of the petitioner’s residential county if no residential city

Civil Liability
Contempt of court

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