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Delaware Protective Orders

Code Section
Tit. 10 § 1041, et seq.

Activity Addressed by Order
Enjoin contact; exclude from dwelling; regarding minor children: temporary custody, visitations, support; prohibit use/possession of firearms or disposal of property; award monetary compensation to petitioner; counseling; restrain from committing acts of domestic violence

Ex parte order: maximum 30 days. General order: maximum 1 year unless extended

Penalty for a Violation of Order
Class A misdemeanor and imprisonment or fine or both

Who May Apply for Order
Member of a protected class on behalf of self and their minor child or an infirm adult

Fees Waived

Transmission to Law Enforcement
Order entered into Delaware Justice Information system on or before the next business day; copy sent to Delaware law enforcement agency where petitioner resides and/or where abuse received

Civil Liability

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