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Arkansas Protective Orders

Code Section
9-15-201, et. al seq.

Activity Addressed by Order
Exclude from dwelling, place of business or employment, school; award temporary support and custody; establish visitation; enforce costs; prevent direct or indirect contact

Minimum 90 days, maximum 2yrs.; may be renewed. Temporary order: maximum 30 days

Penalty for a Violation of Order
Class A misdemeanor: maximum penalty 1 year imprisonment in county jail or maximum fine of $1,000 or both

Who May Apply for Order
Family or household member or on behalf of a family or household member who is a minor or adjudicated incompetent

Fees Waived

Transmission to Law Enforcement
Copy issued to law enforcement officer with jurisdiction to accompany petitioner in possession of dwelling or otherwise assist in service of order

Civil Liability
Civil contempt

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