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Arizona Protective Orders

Code Section

Activity Addressed by Order
Enjoined from committing acts of domestic violence; excluded from dwelling, place of employment, school; participation in domestic violence counseling; prohibition from possession of a firearm

1 year; a modified order expires 1 yr. after service and the initial order and petition

Penalty for a Violation of Order
Arrest and prosecution for the crime of interfering with judicial proceeding and any other crime committed in disobeying the order

Who May Apply for Order
Person or other if person is either temporarily or permanently unable to request an order; if minor, legal guardian

Fees Waived
May be waived under any rule, statute or other law applicable to civil actions; no requirements of community service as a condition of fee waiver.

Transmission to Law Enforcement
Within 24 hours after acceptance of service or affidavit has been returned; copies sent to sheriff’s office in the county in which plaintiff resides

Civil Liability
Civil contempt

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