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Code Section
63.2-1501, et seq.; 63.2-100

What Constitutes Abuse
To create, inflict or threaten to create or inflict or allow to be created or inflicted upon a child a physical or mental injury by other than accidental means or create a substantial risk of death or impairment; neglect; abandonment; sexual abuse/exploitation

Mandatory Reporting Required By
Any person licensed to practice medicine or healing arts, nurses, social worker, probation officer, child care worker, school employee, teacher, Christian Science practitioner, mental health professional, law enforcement officer, mediator, any employee of facility which takes care of children, special advocate

Basis of Report of Abuse/Neglect
Have reason to suspect that a child is abused or neglected

To Whom Reported
Department of Social Services toll-free child abuse or neglect hotline or to department of public welfare or social services in county where child resides

Penalty for Failure to Report or False Reporting
Failure to report within 72 hours of first suspicion of child abuse: fine up to $500; subsequent failures: $100-$1,000 fine False report: Class 1 misdemeanor (first offense); Class 6 felony (subsequent offenses)

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