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Code Section
23§6303, et seq.

What Constitutes Abuse
Act which causes nonaccidental serious physical injury, sexual abuse/exploitation, serious physical neglect constituting prolonged or repeated lack of supervision or failure to provide essentials of life

Mandatory Reporting Required By
Physician, coroner, dentist, chiropractor, hospital personnel, Christian Science practitioner, clergy, school teacher/nurse/administrator, social services worker, day care or child center worker, mental health professional, peace officer, law enforcement official, funeral director, foster care worker

Basis of Report of Abuse/Neglect
Reasonable cause to suspect (within their respective training) that child is abused

To Whom Reported
Department of Public Welfare of the Commonwealth

Penalty for Failure to Report or False Reporting
Summary offense for 1st violation; misdemeanor in 3rd degree for 2nd and subsequent offenses

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