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Code Section

What Constitutes Abuse
Any assault of a child and any physical injury to a child caused by other than accidental means (including injuries at variance with explanation given for injury), rape, sexual abuse/exploitation, allowing child to engage in prostitution, failure to provide adequate care, buying or selling child as described in ORS 163.537, negligent treatment, threatening harm to child’s health or welfare, any mental injury which includes observable and substantial impairment to child’s ability to function or permitting a child to enter or remain in a place where methamphetamines are being manufactured

Mandatory Reporting Required By
Any public or private official, including: peace/law enforcement officers, physician, dentist, nurse, school employee, department of human resources employee, psychologist, clergyman, social worker, chiropractor, optometrist, day care or child care worker, attorney, professional counselor, therapist, EMT, firefighter, naturopathic physician (see right), special advocate

Basis of Report of Abuse/Neglect
Have reasonable cause to believe that child has suffered abuse or has inflicted abuse on child

To Whom Reported
Local office of Dept. of Human Services

Penalty for Failure to Report or False Reporting
Class A violation

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