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Code Section
722.621-623, 633

What Constitutes Abuse
Harm or threatened harm to child’s health or welfare that occurs through nonaccidental physical or mental injury, sexual abuse/exploitation, or maltreatment

Mandatory Reporting Required By
Physician, coroner, dentist, dental hygienist, EMT, psychologist, therapist/counselor, social worker, school administrator or teacher, law enforcement officer, child care provider, medical examiner, audiologist, clergy, anyone else may report

Basis of Report of Abuse/Neglect
Reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect (pregnancy under 12 or venereal disease in child over 1 month but under 12 years is reasonable cause to suspect abuse)

To Whom Reported
State Family Independence Agency

Penalty for Failure to Report or False Reporting
Civilly liable for proximately caused damages; guilty of misdemeanor punishable by 93 days in jail and/or fine of not more than $100; intentionally making false report: if abuse was misdemeanor or not a crime, misdemeanor (93 days in jail and/or fine of not more than $100); if abuse is felony, lesser of penalty for the abuse or imprisonment for not more than 4 yrs. and/or fine of not more than $2,000

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