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Code Section
38-1501, et seq.

What Constitutes Abuse
Infliction of mental, physical, or emotional injury causing deterioration of child including negligent treatment, maltreatment, or exploitation to the extent the child’s health or emotional well-being is endangered; includes sexual abuse

Mandatory Reporting Required By
Person licensed to practice healing arts or dentistry, law enforcement personnel, psychologists, nurses, family/marriage therapists, school teachers or administrators, child care workers, social workers, EMS personnel, firefighters, appointed mediators

Basis of Report of Abuse/Neglect
Reasonably suspects child has been injured as a result of physical, mental, or emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse

To Whom Reported
Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services or law enforcement agency

Penalty for Failure to Report or False Reporting
Willful and knowing failure to report or prevention or interference with reporting: Class B misdemeanor

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